1. Integrations

Automations and Integration Options

Learn how you can automate and integrate your promotion with over 4000+ applications via Zapier or Integrately.

What do you mean by Integration?

If you'd like to do any of the following, read on:

Send data collected from your promotion to another application

  • add new leads to your CRM (for example, Salesforce, Hubspot, etc)
  • add people that select to opt-in to marketing to my email newsletter
  • push all the entry data from my promotion to a 3rd party application

Automate who gets invited to enter my private promotions

  • Insert an invite to enter and play my promotion based on actions in other software I use.

  • trigger an email invite to someone that purchases from my e-store

  • send an email invite when someone signs up for my newsletter

  • add an InviteLink after someone has completed a form or survey.

You'll first need your API key

To link BeeLiked to 3rd party applications you'll need to generate a secure private API key for your Account. From the left-hand navigation menu, you can click the 'Developer' page, and here you will see options to get your API Keys.

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 19.15.37

Then you will need to head to Settings where you'll find the Integrations tab

Once you've reviewed the get started video, you simply need to choose what you want to connect BeeLiked with to create an automation. 

Our Integration partners are Zapier and Integrately. Between them you should find every single possible integration option you should require. (But if there's something in particular you are looking to do, do reach out to our Support team for advice).

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 19.21.22