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My promotion isn't working - top 10 things to check

People can't enter or get their rewards in your promotion.

BeeLiked is a sophisticated and complex platform. You can apply many settings to your promotions; if incorrectly applied, they may cause your promotion to stop working.

Here is a list of the top 10 things for you to check:

  1. Try on a different device


    Whatever the issue might be, it is important that you try to recreate it on a different device, for example, on your cell phone, tablet, or a different computer and even with a different browser.

    If the same error occurs, you will at least know it is not isolated to one device or due to some internet outage or firewall restriction. 

  2. Is the entry button visible?

    Do you have an enter button visible on your promotion's start page?
    Nearly all BeeLiked promotions require an enter button. There are some exceptions, but in all cases, it's best to make sure you have a clear button for somebody to click to enter. Not only can this help with data tracking, but it also removes any doubt for your entrants on what they need to do to enter your promotion.

  3. Did you set quantities for the prizes on your promotion?

    The number of entries may have exceeded the quantities you set.

  4. Have you set a prize image? 

    Some promotion types require imagery, and errors can occur if images are missing.

  5. Have you run out of coupons/codes in a collection?

    If you have added a coupon collection to the Rewards module and referenced this in one of your promotions, ensure you have not used up all your available codes.

  6. Has your Entry Allowance been used up?

    Do check that your allowance is above zero. It's possible you had more traffic than you expected

  7. Is your subscription valid and paid?

    Has your subscription plan expired, or did you downgrade to a plan that doesn't have access to the plan your promotion is based on? 

  8. Have you embedded your promotion?

    Is your promotion page embedded in your site, and you only see an error when viewing the embed page? 
    Go to your promotion's launch control page in BeeLiked and open the microsite by clicking View.

    If you can enter once you're on that page, it's likely an issue with the embedded page and not your BeeLiked promotion.
  9. Has the issue been persistent for more than 15 minutes?

    BeeLiked's servers have autoscaling to cope with spikes in traffic; however, promotions can run slowly on rare occasions when traffic is excessive. If you have been experiencing this for more than 15 minutes, our team has likely been made aware; however, you can send a message to support@beeliked.com if you cannot log in to the platform.
  10. Do you have out-of-hours support coverage?

    If your issue has persisted for over 15 minutes and nobody can enter your live promotion, call the critical support team using the phone number your account manager will have given you.