1. Subscriptions & Billings

Learn about our free and paid plans

Upgrade to a paid subscription and get the most out of BeeLiked

About our Plans

So we can help as many companies as possible, we have four tiers of plans. To see full details on all of our plans, click here.


Every account starts on this free plan. This is an ideal entry point to the world of gamified incentives. Whether you are using BeeLiked for Lead Generation or Loyalty, you'll be able to choose from a range of promotion types and ready-made designs. 


You'll have a greater number of promotion types to choose from, less BeeLiked branding on your promotion microsites, and access to our API. You can now have 2 live promotions at any one time.


Most BeeLiked promotions are included at this level, as is the ability to insert coupon codes into your promotions automatically.  You can have up to 5 promotions live at any one time.


All promotion types are available. All BeeLIked branding is removed from your microsites. Access to enhanced tracking, analytics, and reporting. And finally, access to private promotions - the ultimate in loyalty and incentivization technology.

How to upgrade my Plan

It's very quick and easy to upgrade your plan, and you use the subscription menu under the top right-hand menu to do this. 

How to downgrade/cancel my Plan

If you want to downgrade your plan or cancel your account completely, you can do that by reaching out to the support team in the in-app chat. You can read more about this here