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  2. Sharing your promotions

How to embed your promotions

Do you need help embedding your promotion into your website?

Your promotion can be embedded into your website, but you will need to be able to edit the HTML of your own website to insert it. You need to grab the code by going to the share module.

You should not embed your promotion if you have selected to make it 'private,' as the InviteLinks will send people directly to the promo's link to enter.

Using an iFrame

First go to the Share page for your promotion. If you are not familiar with that, read this article on the Share page first



If your page does not look like the above, your promotion is likely not yet live. You can still grab the embed code for it, but be aware that promotions that are not live can only be seen when accessed directly via BeeLiked or using the special URL, which has an unlock code added to the end.


Click on Show the embed code and you will see something similar to this. 


It is best to do this step once the campaign is in live mode. The most important is the <body> section to insert the campaign. The <head> section ensures that your page's Open Graph image and other Meta Data (see this article on MetaData) appear when you share your page to social media sites. It also helps improve the search engine indexing of your campaign.

If you want certain links to break out of your iFrame, you may need to add buttons and links using the freeform HTML editors in your BeeLiked campaign and add HTML attributes to have links open in a new tab (e.g.<a target="_parent" href=...>".

You can also configure the link to open in a new browser tab. Here's some help to do that: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_link_target


Using an iFrame in WordPress

It is the same process as above to embed your promotion into your WordPress page. The only difference is that once you've got your embed code, you need to add an HTML block where you want your BeeLiked promotion to appear on your site.  



Then, in the HTML block, you add the embed code.